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Post-war Crisis

All our efforts up to now have led us to the moment we can start our plan of turning back history - literally.
- Bronislav

Bronislav (Russian: Бронислав) was a Soviet General in service after the events of the Psychic Dominator Disaster. He often briefed an unknown commander during vital missions for the Union.


Bronislav was very patrotic and hated the allies with a passion, often referring to them as "imperialistic dogs".


Bronislav was ordering the Commander during the Post-war Crisis.

When the Allies were pushing on he was defending the time machine prototype by putting three bases near the location of it and told the Commander to defend the other prototype.

Unfortunately, the Allies assaulted his bases. Tanya hijacked an Apocalypse tank and overran him. His remaining forces were soon defeated although they were fighting bravely to the last man.


However, the other time machine prototype was successfully defended and used to change history.

It is unknown what happened to him after the conflict. He might still be in service during the War of the Three Powers, or never assumed power due to the time travel.


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