Capital City


Brotherhood of Nod
Captured by the Global Defense Initiative

Appears in

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn


Secure the Tiber River Bank

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary in Eastern Europe. The Brotherhood of Nod established a base in the city to prevent Colonel J.C. Carter's convoy from getting through to secure a victory.

First Tiberium War

In 2001 during the First Tiberium War, the Brotherhood of Nod swept into Hungary after retreating from their failures to destroy the GDI presence in Salzburg, Austria and trying to destroy a hospital which will kill Dr. Ignatio Mobius securing civilians in Bratislava, Slovakia before they are turned into mutants by the spread of Tiberium. Solomon destroyed the Nod forces preventing Carter's convoy in the Danube. When they reached the coast, some Obelisk of Light lasers shot up the Gunboats to pieces and killed J.C. Carter which Solomon was distressed by the death of Carter in one of the Gunboats.

Solomon proceeded with the destruction of Nod's base and secured the Danube. With the Nod forces surrendering to advanced GDI forces in Budapest, a friendly government has been established and the Nod Hungarian Commander was imprisoned, while the Nod Commander in charge of the Danube was killed by Solomon's forces.

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