North America

Canada is a nation covering most of North America, and is considered the second largest country by land area. It consists of ten provinces and three territories. Technically a constitutional monarchy, its government is a parliamentary democracy. Much like the United States, Canada was a colony of the United Kingdom, but eventually became independent in 1867. An industrial power, with advanced technology, Canada was a member of the G8. The border of the 49th parallel between Canada and the United States is the longest in the world.

In 1995, working with the United Nations Security Council, Canada and other G8 nations sponsored the formation of the Global Defense Initiative. A majority of Canada is now designated as Yellow Zone Y-6, while the areas of southern Ontario and Quebec are designated as Blue Zone B-11.

It also contains one of the largest blue zones in the world in parts of the west coast, northern territories, and areas of land around Alaska.

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