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Capturing is a tactic exclusively used by all GDI engineers, Nod saboteurs, and Scrin assimilators. Upon successfully capturing a Tech Building or an enemy structure, the commander gains control over them.

Not all structures can be captured, such as base defenses. Also, in Kane's Wrath, any structure protected by a Sonic Repulsion Field or a Laser Fence also cannot be captured, unless the protective barrier is brought down.

Some Scrin units are also able to gain control certain structures with the use of Mind control. Although, in Mind Control, if the "controller" is killed, the enemy commander regains control over the unit.


In Tiberium Wars, an engineer, saboteur, or assimilator who reached a structure instantly captured it. In Kane's Wrath, it took a few seconds for these units to access the necessary procedures before successfully capturing them.

Since these units (except for Steel Talons Combat engineer) were completely unarmed, they require escorts to protect or even transport them to their destination.


Many players choose to sell their structure if they are not able to protect it from being captured by a nearby enemy engineer. In skirmishes, AIs of higher difficulties do the same.

In Kane's Wrath, a Sonic Repulsion Field or Laser Fencing can be deployed around certain buildings to prevent them from being captured.

Additionally, an MCV or a Drone Ship can, respectively, pack up or hover, to avoid being captured.

Role in Campaign

The Capturing tactic was used several times in numerous campaigns.

A well-known example was when the Legendary Insurgent seized GDI and Scrin technology in Italy, and used the units built from them to destroy both the Scrin and GDI presence in the area.


Most of structures in Tiberium Universe have varied numbers of basic infantries stationed inside (since they spawn basic infantries when sold or destroyed), presumably guarding the internal. However it only takes one engineer to turn any of these structures to commander's side along with all affiliated infantries, which should be impossible since the engineer would be killed or took prisoner instantly upon entering buildings. Same paradox also applied in Red Alert Universe.

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