There are many different characters in Command and conquer generals.

Lieutenant Eva - Lieutenant Eva is A comms officer for the USA army she is the voice which gives advice and briefs the player before a Mission in both Generals and zero hour in the USA Campaign

Ling Jang- Ling Jang is a senior intelligance officer for the Chinese Army she also gives advice and briefs the player before a mission in Generals and Zero hour Chinese campaign.

Civillians- Civillians can be seen in many different missions and maps in Generals and Zero Hour they will not attack nor defend the players units but they do sometimes run into your vehicles. They respond to different acts by your forces, for example if you are attacking the enemy with a civillian nearby they will run away.

Blue Eagle- Blue Eagle is the codename given to a seceret UN officer.

Pilots- Pilots are evacuated when a Heroic,veteran or expierianced unit is destroyed in the USA forces.

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