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The following missions in Renegade:

1# The Scorpion Hunters - Help Recon One find the Nod base in the area and destroy it.

2# Rescue & Retribution - Free the civilians on the island of Nod Propaganda.

3# Armored Assault - Rescue the three Tiberium Researchers.

4# The Plot Erupts - Fight your way to the Communication Center on the lone island.

5# Stowaway - Sabotage and destroy the ship while rescuing the prisoners.

6# Deadly Reunion - Find and regroup with your old Dead-6 squad.

7# The Grip of the Black Hand - Find the scientists (again), in Raveshaw's estate. Big house for a little man.

8# Obelisk of Oppression - Escape the nuclear blast, battle throughout the city, to the Obelisk, and secure the civilian safety.

9# Evolution of Evil - Find out where Project Regenesis is taking place, and hamper it down.

10# All Brains, No Brawn - Fight inside and outside of the Nod secret science lab with Dr. Ignatio Mobius.

11# Tomorrow's Technology, Today - Search for the Temple of Nod, and knock on Kane's front door, with a bang.

12# Stomping on Holy Ground - The final act. Sabotage the Temple, rescue Sydney, and get out of there.

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