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Scrin Structures

The Scrin, as an alien species, utilize a form of tiberium crystal alloy to build their structures. These structures, upon completion, are phased into the battlefield for the Foreman to use, similar to how the Portal or the Warp Sphere deploys Scrin units. The Drone Platform has the capability of phasing in special structures, such as Warp Chasm or the Foundry, and the Foundry also shares a similar capability. Furthermore, some structures can only be built after prerequisites are completed, implying that advanced structures may rely on technology that is only unlocked when certain research or communication structures have been developed.

Drone Platform

Scrin drone ship

The fundamental structure to build other Scrin structures.

This is the basic necessity of all Scrin bases. Unlike other MCVs, these Drone Platforms are deployed from the sky, because they can change their frame to levitate and transport themselves high in the air in the form of Drone Ships. Despite being quite slow, Drone Ships still have the advantage of avoiding land attacks; however, it is just as vulnerable to anti-air fire as any other aircraft, and suffers the drawbacks of limited mobility and lack of retaliatory weaponry. After deployment, this structure can call for the production and phasing in of Scrin structures,


Similar to the Drone Platform, this structure can also call for production of Scrin structures. Its three extensions resemble insectoid appendages, and behave like the cranes found in GDI's arsenal. However, Foundries are simpler than Drone Platforms, and lacks the command signals and permissions to build special structures such as the Warp Chasm.

Scrin foundry

This allows extra production other than the Drone Platform.


Scrin struc 4

This is the reactor, responsible for power production.

This is the Scrin's power plant. Considering Scrin's reliance on tiberium, it is wise to assume that Reactors rely on tiberium as a source of raw energy as well, perhaps utilizing energy production methods that are much more efficient than those humanity. A form of energy is derived from the elements or radiation of tiberium composition, but the nature of this reaction is unknown. This is a realm of guess work in which GDI scientists are furiously attempting to understand, as it may prove to be more efficient than human power plants, yet demonstrate an similarity to human power plants in terms of waste expulsion, evident by what appears to be steam rising from the structure. When a Foreman has the Nerve Center on the battlfield, it is capable of requesting an upgrade to the Reactor, granting a set of fusion cores to each power plant. These fusion cores perhaps accelerate the reactions within the Reactor, allowing more energy or radiation production to maintain other structures. This is the prerequisite for the Extractor and Portal.


Scrin extractor

Extracts and processes tiberium for the utilization of building construction.

The equivalent of a refinery, this Scrin structure extracts the raw materials from tiberium and processes them within itself. The Scrin's existence depends upon tiberium, so it would seem that they are experts at this alien substance. Due to some unknown processes, the Extractor can convert tiberium to the materials necessary for construction or other uses, and can hold seemingly infinite amount of tiberium. This secret is hidden within the Extractor and also in the nature of tiberium processing.


Scrin teleporter

The equivalent of human barracks.

As the primary tool to transport Scrin infantry, the portal teleports, via a contained wormhole, pre-trained infantry to the battlefield. It would seem that some infantry are more complex than others, and require more time for them ot be able to completely phase onto the field. Some infantry units require the Nerve Center to be already on the field, because of the unit's advanced framework and functioning systems. Basic disintegrators and advanced Masterminds can be deployed all from the portal.

Stasis Chamber

This structure allows the utilization of Stasis Shields, which temporary freezes anything within it in time. Stasis chambers are the locations for the upgrades to the Shock Troopers, allowing the development and attachment of Blink Packs and Plasma Disk Launchers. It is theorized that the Scrin can travel such long distances using these Stasis Shields. They can lock themselves in time and space, and simply travel until they reach their destination, and then deactivate the shields. However, it would seem that the short range shields that the Foremen uses can only maintain this ability for a few minutes.

Nerve Center

Scrin nerve center

This is the center of operations for the Scrin, granting the Foreman many support powers and the capability of accessing advanced construction options.

This structure is by far one of the most significant, as it allows the Foreman to use higher tier weaponry. The Nerve Center contains the information necessary to upgrade Reactors with fusion cores, and also the capability of adding attenuated forcefields to Gun Walkers and Seekers. Plus the unlocking of more advanced structures in the tech tree, the Nerve Center grants myriad support powers to the Foreman, ranging from a Buzzer swarm to deploying a lightning spike.

Warp Sphere

Scrin warp sphere

This is used to deploy heavier Scrin units. It functions similar to the Portal, except it is larger and has repair drones that hover around it.

When some Scrin units are too large or complex for the Portal to summon, the Foreman uses the Warp Sphere. Similar to the Portal, this structure can phase in larger, more heavily armored Scrin units. Just like the Portal, some units require advanced structures to be able to function and work properly. The Warp Sphere also has small, repair drones that generate small amounts of tiberium radiation to heal Scrin units. Interestingly enough, infantry from the Portal can also be healed by the drones. Most of the time, the drones are stationed around the Warp Sphere. However, the Warp Sphere also grants a support power in which many drones are summonded at any desired location, in order to fix and repair units that have no access to the Warp Sphere. Curiosuly, these drones cannot be destroyed by any means known to us. They do disappear, however, when the Warp Sphere is no longer there to sustain them.

Gravity Stabilizer

Scrin gravity stabilizer

This image shows four Storm Riders stationed on the gravity stabilizer. The shell-like frame of this structure allows the gravity zone to exist within.

This structure, upon it's arival, produces a gravitaitonal anomaly that allows Scrin aircraft to manuever. It contains information that allows Scrin aircraft to be built and released under the supervision of the Foreman. Basic craft are Storm Riders, and when advanced information is given, more destructive aircraft can be constructed, such as the Devastator Warship or Planetary Assault Carrier. The Scrin have a distinct superiority in their air force, and can use the same phase technology like Portals or Warp Spheres to summon the air craft. Interestingly, Scrin aircraft gain a combat boost while they are in ion storms, and are not affected like human aircraft. While Orcas or Venoms are vulnerable to being destroyed by ion storms, Scrin air units gain attack, defense, and speed bonus. This suggests that they are organic, and are not mechanical.

Technology Assembler

Scrin technology assembler

The advanced research center primarily occurs in this structure.

The main research facility of Scrin, this structure allows upgrades, such as forcefield generators, to be used in combat. This structure is highly complex, and requires a large amount of resources to construct. At the cost of 4000 credits worth of raw tiberium material, the technology assembler can grant many important signals and data for the Nerve Center. With a new mix of data, this allows the construction of advanced infantry, vehicles, and aircraft. More importantly, this allows access to two important structures: the Signal Transmitter and the Warp Chasm. Different Scrin subfactions have different upgrades. The technology assembler finds advanced uses of tiberium chemistry, whether to assimilate tiberium growth onto Scrin infantry as shard weapons or the use of tiberium ions to construct a portable forcefield.

Signal Transmitter

Scrin signal transmitter

This structure allows the final and strongest support powers in the arsenal of Scrin.

The final stage in tiberium research is this structure. Capable of transmitting signals to Scrin bases located in the coldest regions of space, they can call for the highest and deadliest support powers. The Signal Transmitter itself grants deadly support powers, such as wormhole transportation or Overlord's Wrath. Of all of the support powers, perhaps the Mothership is the deadliest. It's signals can call for the Mothership, and it can phase the Mothership right above the Signal Transmitter instantly. Foreman can use this capability to their advantage.

Warp Chasm

S warpchasm

This allows the construction of the prime weapon in the Scrin arsenal: the Eradicator Hexapod.

This structure can only be built when the Technology Assembler is on the battlefield. Similar to the Warp Sphere, this structure builds vehicles. But that is not its primary purpose. It is meant to build the Scrin Epic unit, the Eradicator Hexapod. Due to the Hexpod's large mass, it cannot be built in normal Warp Spheres and can only be built via a larger phase transportation. This job is undertaken by the Warp Chasm.

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