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Dreadnought (Red Alert 3) Unit Quotes

Destroy Them! They must fall! Our time has come! Smite them down! This shall be no more! ATTACK! End the arrogance! We launch these days in the name of USSR. Are you prepared to fight comrades? To War! These enemies will perish! None shall oppose the Union! We must destroy them! Prepare all launches! The moment we had waited for! We will fight for our noble cause! Take your positions comrade. These waters Belongs to RUSSIA! The seas tremble beneath us! Onward! Forward comrades! A majestic sight we must be! Let us embrace the seas! The Union demands our return! Our Noble voyage must end! We shall arrive as Heroes! It was a glorious battle. We shall prevail! Do not relent! Victory is at hand! They are fools to oppose us. Stand together and fight comrades! Can you feel the Soviet might? Patriotism begets victory! Maul these hapless fools! Continue all launches! Their surrender is inevitable! We fight to the last man and rockets! The seas will run RED. We rule these waters. Enemies of the Union shall BURN! This is our day comrades! Seafaring Patriots! If Lenin could see us now... Our hull cannot be breached so easily! They can not damage our will! Steel yourself comrade! Do not let fear take hold!

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