Century Destroyed
Century caught in nuclear blast



Bomber aircraft

The Century was the Allies' bomber aircraft that replaced the Harrier.

Game Unit

The Century was a VTOL that had propellers that made sure it stayed airborne. It also had a jet engine that allows it to move faster than the Kirov. Its origins are unknown, however it was made by an unknown Allied company after the War with Yuri.

After the Post-War Crisis, Future-Tech saw Einstein's Plans of the B2-X Century Bomber and the Apollo and used the original designs for use against the Empire and Anatoly Cherdenko.


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Century vs. Tesla Coils

Since the Century has no counters for anti-aircraft (AA Weapons). Infantry that have AA capability have a good chance of killing it but it can destroy those infantry in a shot and when it's destroyed, it will damage infantry below it. Also super weapons especially the nuclear bomb can heavily damage these beasts.

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