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B2-X Century Bomber
  • Century Bomber
  • Century Bomber with Advanced Aeronautics



Heavy Bomber/Troop Transport


6x "Jethro" 500lb. gravity bombs (9 with Advanced Aeronautics)



Armour type




Build time


Produced by



Max Clearance



Just give us a target and we're on our way.
- Century awaiting target
RA3 Century Bomber Icons

The B2-X Century Bomber was an Allied heavy bomber used during the Third World War and The Uprising.


Built by Norwell-Hucks Corp., the B2-X is the embodiment of Allies' policy of managing contested airsapces. With a VTOL design, superior amenities and a high fuel capacity, the Century bomber is able to carry a large payload of high explosive bombs to rain on the enemy. The service on the Centuries is an honour, with many airmen vying for the job.

It sports a highly sophisticated design, making use of many advanced systems and engineering advancements, notably jointed wings for optimal storage and brushed-aluminium outer hull to resist soot and rust. To protect Allied secrets, each Century Bomber is programmed to explode in case of crash landing.


RA3 Paradrop Icons
Paradrop Century Bombers can also be loaded with 5 infantry units that can be para-dropped anywhere on the map. The bomber is also capable of performing a bombing run while infantry are loaded into the hold.

Game unit

No more belly aching from them!
- Century releasing its paratroopers

The Century bomber is the Allied equivalent to the Kirov airship. Like the Kirov, it is completely helpless against fighters and should always be escorted if there is a significant enemy air threat. If shot down, it causes significant damage to whatever it crashes into. In order to construct Century bombers, an Airbase with access to Max Clearance is needed. Century bombers must also reload at an Airbase after dropping their bombs.

The Century bomber is significantly faster than the Kirov, but is not quite as tough. It is also somewhat more versatile, being able to carry troops as well as bombs. The only Imperial weapon which can be considered an equivalent to the Century Bomber (and the Harbinger gunship) is the Giga Fortress. The Soviets also have the Badger Bomber, which has similar carrying capacity. However, this type of bomber cannot be deployed directly, despite its superior maneuverability.

Its main role is to carpet bomb enemy bases and unit formations and paradrop infantry onto the battlefield. It can carry bombs and paratroopers at the same time, which means that it is possible to bomb a target and then use the infantry to finish it off. If the Century is shot down, all infantry onboard will be lost. The Century drops its bombs in a line, so some care must be taken in choosing the direction of attack in order to maximize damage.



  • Highly destructive bombs
  • Bombs do Splash damage
  • Can take on board up to 5 infantry units and paradrop them behind the enemy lines.
  • Heavy armor
  • Can be upgraded with Advanced Aeronautics, which increases its bomb capacity
  • Much faster than Kirov Airship
  • A squadron of 4 century bombers with Advanced Aeronautics can destroy even the toughest buildings in a single bombing run


  • Expensive ($2000) and Requires Maximum Clearance (Tier 3)
  • Limited Ammo,So it will repeatably return in order to Rearm
  • Production is limited to the amount of empty slots on an airfield
  • MiG fighters, Jet Tengus and rogue Apollo fighters pose a threat
  • Not as tough as Kirov
  • Paratroopers are dropping down slowly thus they are an easy target for anti-air
  • Can't return to base on Command
  • Inaccurate on some targets and, as such, many bombs are wasted.

Notes from the field

Battlefield reconnaissance has revealed at least these facts about the Century Bomber:

Carpet bombing -- The Century is intended for use against enemy strongholds, as its bomb load-out makes up for a lack of overall accuracy with a great deal of punch. A given bomber tends to release its payload leading up to its coordinates, to ensure the maximum number of bombs is on target.

Bring an entourage -- While the Century is respectably swift for a heavy bomber, it of course is slower than, say, a Soviet air superiority fighter. The Century is able to shrug off some anti-aircraft fire en route to its destination, but ultimately requires support to continue operating in enemy airspace.

Plenty of parachutes -- Infantry loaded in a Century Bomber are always prepared to deploy via parachute. Parachutists of course are vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire.

A flying bomb -- Though the Century is highly unlikely to explode in midair, this aircraft is fitted with so many sophisticated systems that it is designed to detonate and combust on impact, should it crash. As a result, the Soviets have yet to recover any data from the few Centuries that have gone down.



  • Just give us a target, and we're on our way!


  • Coming in, loud and clear!
  • Fine as cream gravy!
  • Century here, I'm all ears!
  • Come in, HQ!
  • Just give us the orders!
  • They are counting on us, boys!
  • Ready to do what needs to be done!
  • Century Bomber, ready for our first mission!


  • Heading over!
  • WILCO!
  • Confirm, HQ!
  • Copy, there new coordinates!
  • Yes sir!
  • Roger that!
  • You can count on us!
  • We've got new orders!

Evacuates the passenger

  • Do us proud out there!
  • Out you go!
  • Good luck out there, boys!
  • Careful on the way down!
  • No more belly aching from them!

Move to Attack

  • Well boys, I reckon this is it!
  • Let's give 'em whats coming to 'em!
  • Coming through!
  • We have visual contact!
  • We got our mission!
  • We've got clearance, gentleman!
  • Hang on, boys!
  • Check those bomb doors!


  • Change of plans!
  • Let's set her down!
  • Returning to base!
  • Get that repair crew ready!
  • Spark up the barbecue, we're coming home!
  • Ready that damage report!
  • Let's get the heck out of here!
  • Well shoot, let's go then!

Under fire

  • Oh horse feathers, they're onto us
  • We're taking some flak, sir!
  • Sir, I think we've been hit!
  • Put out those fires back there!
  • We'll need some repairs after this one!
  • Dog gone it! They're firing at us!!

Shoot Down

  • Oohh oohh oooohhhh!!!
  • Yeehaw!
  • Yaaahoo! Yaahoooo!!!
  • Oohh man!
  • Pull her up! Pull her up!



Behind the scenes

  • "Norwell-Hucks" is probably based on Rockwell, an aviation company in real-life that produced the B-1 bomber.
  • Several of the quotes from pilots are reminiscent of quotes from "Dr. Strangelove".
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