Channel 273





Downtown Sydney



Channel 273 is a television news program that reported on the Liquid Tiberium explosion held in the Australian Outback after Nod's A Grand Gesture in 2034.

The Story

The Global Defense Initiative were in shock by the story of an explosion that devastated one of their own affiliators, Australia. Nod thinks their invasion went so good that they destroyed a GDI laboratory under James De Groot as Commander of this military complex. Darius Wong reported live to Leanne Downing who said about the explosion. She said the boom was so much worse, it caused half of the country to come in three zones and mentioning the Tiber incident where a meteorite hit that area in 1995, causing the Command & Conquer series to begin its gaming consoles. The authorities called for an investigation and believed it was an accidental mistake, not learning about the Brotherhood of Nod and Kane saying it's their fault for making a Liquid Tiberium Bomb in this area.


Companies of the Command & Conquer Universes

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