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Sister Chavra is a Nod battle commander who appears in both campaigns of Tiberian Twilight.


Not much is known about Chavra's early life, except the fact that she was totally loyal to Kane and so joined the Brotherhood. Her loyalites proved to be beneficial as she appeared not to have questioned Kane's controversial decision to join forces with the Global Defense Initiative to control the spread of Tiberium, unlike many of her fellow Nod brothers. Because of this, she rose to serve alongside Kane in his personal GST command ship, the Uzziel, by 2077.

Role in-gameEdit

Sister Chavra's role in the war is determined by the player's actions. She does not appear early on in the game during the GDI tutorials. However her role is similar to her GDI counterpart Sergeant Nash.

GDI CampaignEdit

If the player continues to fight alongside GDI (with Colonel James), Chavra will appear as a foe in two of the GDI missions. Chavra takes over the role of shooting down the GST Tzadik, and then prevent said ship from taking off again in Transport Down. She will also attempt to destroy Parker's assault on one side of Threshold 19 in the mission For All Humanity.

Nod CampaignEdit

If the player defects to Kane and the Brotherhood of Nod, Sister Chavra will assist Parker in all of the Nod missions with intel and even with her own forces when the situation arises. After Gideon kills off four of the implant holders, leaving Parker as the last one, Kane orders Chavra to inject him with a sleeping drug, to which she obeyed without hesitation.

It is assumed in both endings that Chavra and the rest of Nod followed Kane to the portal and Ascended as she was last seen fighting GDI to protect the TCN long enough for the network to activate the Tower.

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