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Chemical Missile
Chemical Missile (TS)




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Tiberium Waste Facility

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100 (Gas)



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Missile Silo


Chemical Detonation

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The Chemical missile was a long range smart cruise missile that carried a processed Tiberium waste warhead, used by the Brotherhood of Nod in the Second Tiberium War. It is constructed and released from a Missile Silo. It requires a Tiberium waste facility to fill the warhead's toxin.


The missile's payload released several highly toxic tiberium gas clouds, which were lethal to infantry, mutating them into visceroids, and had a corrosive effect on structures and vehicles. The initial detonation of the warhead was also exceptionally powerful. This is the development of Nod's Tiberium research and considered a "side product" compared to Nod's World Altering Missile.


The missiles were used in a devastating attack on Europe, when several of them hit and the resulting chain reaction turned much of the continent into a Tiberian desert.[1] The once main stronghold of GDI ceased to exist, but eventually was rebuilt by coordinated efforts of GDI and it's member countries.


It requires a waste facility equipped with Weed eaters to search and collect the roots of tiberium waste. If fully stocked, then there is enough material to construct a single missile. Only a single waste facility is authorized to be constructed (although capturing more are allowed). There are several situations where a stock of these missiles can be assembled and launched. They are available in two conditions: available supply of materials (roots from veinhole) and authorized by Nod (by capturing required structure from rogue factions known to have clearance) .

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Should the required material is sufficient, a Nod Missile Silo can assemble up to two missiles to be stored and launched. They must be launched by a separate command.


  1. Westwood Studios, Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. GDI mission 9b: "Destroy Chemical Supply".
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