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Chicago in 2064

Illinois, Blue Zone 11


North America


Low Tiberium contamination (2064)





Appears in

Tiberian Twilight motion comic

Chicago, Illinois is a major GDI city in 2064.


By 2064, due to the Tiberium mutation that rendered it impervious to sonic technology, allowing it to spread unchecked across the majority of the planet, Chicago was one of the few remaining Blue Zone cities on the planet. The inhabitants of the city are highly distrustful of anyone from a Red Zone, believing all of them to be Nod sympathizers. Especially those from Red Zone 483, where a Nod ambush that killed a GDI unit took place.

Storyline development

It is in Chicago that pivotal events in Christian Pierce's life take place. During Rios' political rally, he disarms a lone gunman and is hailed as a hero, securing himself a place among GDI special forces.

In 2074, the city is threatened by Gideon, who attempts to crash the GST Methuselah into it, to punish the unbelievers. Luckily, the city is saved by pierce, who crashes GSC Kennedy into it.



Chicago appears in the Tiberian Twilight motion comic.

Tiberian Twilight motion comic
Tiberium Universe Locations

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