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For China in Command and Conquer: Generals, see China (Generals)

For China in the Tiberium Universe, see China (Tiberium)

China 中国


Current status


China is considered the seat of one of the oldest civilizations. A country and cultural region, China has been credited with creating many major inventions such as gunpowder and paper. Its ancient roots can be traced more than six millennia. This is reflected by their writing system, which has been continually used since 1200 BC. China was once ruled by a long line of emperors. The last emperor was overthrown in 1912 and China became a republic. But China was weak and had many internal issues. As the government tried to fix these issues the Western powers and the Empire of the Rising Sun threatened to invade China and divide it amongst themselves. In 1949, the Nationalist government was exiled to Taiwan after communists led by Mao Zedong overthrew them.

Modern History

In the Great World War II, China was attacked by the USSR, in their Asian campaign to dominate the continent. The campaign was mostly successful, but with the Allied advances on the European front, the Soviet military eventually lost its might and had to retreat, leaving their spoils behind. On a map of Great World War II, China was coloured light blue meaning the Allies didn't support them quickly, but was invaded by the Soviets.

In Great World War III, China joined later in the war to assist Russia in their invasion of America. Despite that in an alternated campaign, the Chinese supported European and American forces to crush Mongolia and Vietnam by strictly bombarding them and military aid brought to the motherland.

The fate of China in Anatoly Cherdenko's new timeline is unknown.

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