CNCRACS Chitzkoi



Anti-infantry superdog


Dog jaws

Hit points

1000 (CS)
150 (AF)

Ground attack

Instakill against infantry


8 (CS)
6 (AF)

Attack range

6 (CS)
4.25 (AF)

Sight range

7 (CS)
5 (AF)


Can be crushed by vehicles

CS Gameicon
CS Gameicon

Chitzkoi (Чицкой) is a Soviet cybernetic German Shepherd appearing in Red Alert expansion packs.


Apart from resistant armour plates, Chitzkoi is fitted with artificial muscles, allowing him to jump distances many times the ones a regular dog could cover. He is the closest friend of the Soviet super soldier Volkov, having undergone the same treatment.


Chitzkoi acts like a regular attack dog, except he can jump farther (scaling cliffs in the process) and is much, much more resistant to damage. During Let's Make A Steal, Chitzkoi may be killed without failing the mission.


Chitzkoi appears in Counterstrike and Aftermath expansion packs.

Mental Omega

Chitzkoi appears in version 2.0 in the Mental Omega mod. He is almost completely robotic and acts both as a regular attack dog and as a Terror drone (Red Alert 2), he is capable of latching and destroying land vehicles too. He is a special unit, available only in Campaign mode and only in some missions.

He appears also in version 3.0 of Mental Omega, with a slightly different look but with the same purpose. He is no longer a Campaign-exclusive unit, as he and Volkov are both hero units for the Russian subfaction.

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