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Neutron cannon

CnCYR-Win-Cover The following is based on content cut from Yuri's Revenge and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

The Chrono Prison is a vehicle that was cut from Yuri's Revenge, but makes an appearance in various mods, most notably Mental Omega.


It was supposed to do the same ability as the Chrono Legionnaire, erasing objects from space-time continuum, but it is possible that they were not able to teleport themselves. Also, it can be assumed that it had some sort of a storing limit, as the concept art shows one empty sample, while the other is full.

Despite being cut from the game, it was erroneously included in the description on the back of the European game box.

Mental Omega appearance

In Mental Omega 3.3, the Chrono Prison appears as a special vehicle that is available for the Allies after they inflitrates an Epsilon (Yuri's faction) Battle Lab. It is capable of "abducting" enemy vehicles by warping it into the Chrono Prison where the vehicle can then be released under the player's control. However it cannot abduct most larger vehicles (including rogue Chrono Prisons) and are useless against anything else.


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