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RA1 Chronoshift Icons
RA2 Chronoshift Icons

Chronoshift is the weapon and ability to use for the Chronosphere. It can turn Allied vehicles such as a Ranger in Red Alert 1, Prism Tank in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and Guardian Tank in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 to a netural site where there's no enemies and drive to attack. The chronoshift's ability cannot turn structures or Aircraft anywhere on the battlefield, but only enemy forces such as Infantry, Tanks or Mechanized Walkers to the water and other bits of the map.

Red Alert 1

During Red Alert 1, Red Alert: Counterstrike, Red Alert: Retaliation and Red Alert: The Aftermath, a Chronoshift can reduce a Soviet Commander's military to anywhere on the map, you like to put. If the Chronoshift gets onto an Allied Commander's military forces, then put them on any other location except the water. The second last mission in Red Alert's Soviet campaign is that a Chronosphere appears to be booby-trapped if Stalin and Field Commander S7(maybe the Soviet Commander (GWWII)) didn't notice in destroying it.

When Allied victory began in Moscow, the chronoshift was still intact or if the Soviet Commander became Premier as chronoshifting will not work for the Allies, but Einstein can change Time Travel. Topolov, Gradenko, Kukov and Stalin were removed from the Second World War.

Red Alert 2

In 1972, Romanov decided to build a Nuclear Missile Silo garrison in Cuba. Chronoshifting was once back to the olden days for Allied USA under the famed Allied Commander (GWWIII) as he used Prism Tanks to ruin the Nuclear Reactors with a boom and then, the Nukes. Finally, chronoshifts had gained the Soviet forces some bad moves in Chrono Storm as Tanya arrested Premier Romanov for refusing to surrender. The Soviets destroyed a Chronosphere that's trying to get the European Council and US forces into Moscow from Alaska.

One year after a Soviet Commander became Premier after the Polar Storm mission, the chronoshfit this time got into battles with a maniac named Yuri. America and its Allies brought the Chronosphere from Hollywood (RA Universe) to Antarctica after the Time Machine turned to 1972 again. The Soviets turned their own attention at Yuri in Transylvania where the maniac was dead by a T-Rex completed at Zofia's expense.

Red Alert 3

After Red Alert: Iphone, Cherdenko changes time in assassinating Einstein. Chronoshifting through to 1986 was a bad one which saw an Empire of the Rising Sun and Europe invaded by the Soviet Union. This chronoshift was spotted in Leningrad against the Premier and Nikolai Krukov, while the Allies tried to do one in New York City and another in Amsterdam before FutureTech was knocked down. In the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising, Tatsu brought in a Chronosphere to use chronoshift against an Allied Commander (WWIII), but got destroyed from doing anymore consequences. A Futuretech Commander destroyed a Chronosphere from chronoshifting him and his forces during a Commander's Challenge mission against Lydia Winters on Earth, but in a different world of war.

To those removed by chronoshift before the Uprising were Howard T. Ackerman, Robert Bingham, Lissette Hanley, Warren Fuller, Anatoly Cherdenko, Nikolai Krukov, Gregor Zelinsky, Zhana Agonskaya, Yoshiro, Suki Toyama, Naomi Shirada and Sergei.


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