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  • A passive Chronosphere on land
  • A charged Chronosphere on land.
  • A passive Chronosphere on water
  • A charged Chronosphere on water



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RA3 Chronosphere Icons

The Chronosphere was a mass teleportation device developed by the Allies in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.


Even though Einstein was removed from time by the Soviets, the Chronosphere remained in the Allied arsenal. In the new timeline, it was developed by the FutureTech Corporation. And despite controversies during its development, it proved to be a great asset to the Allied forces during the war.

Just like its predecessors, the Chronosphere, when fully charged, is capable of Chronoshifting a group of vehicles from any point on the battlefield to any other. The effect of Chronoshifting is lethal to infantry units, though infantry inside vehicles are unaffected.

Due to the classified nature of this device, only Allied commanders with access to a Defense bureau may construct the Chronosphere, and each commander may construct only one. Though protocols were relaxed after the war, and commanders only require access to an Airbase to construct a Chronosphere during the post-war uprisings.

Several Chrono abilities can be accessed through the Top Secret Protocols without needing a Chronosphere, such as Chrono Swap, which swaps the location of two friendly units. And Time bomb, which Chronoshifts a timed explosive device to the designated location.


The Chronosphere has a large number of potential uses, the most obvious of which is teleporting a strike team behind enemy lines. It can also be used to move slower units such as MCVs quickly, which is useful for establishing a distant base. It can also be used to save expensive units, such as Aircraft carriers, from destruction.

Since land units are instantly destroyed when teleported into water, and vessels are destroyed when teleported onto land, this can be exploited to destroy enemy forces. Though it should be noted that amphibious units, such as Imperial Tsunami tanks, are unaffected. Units can also be teleported directly into enemy structures, destroying them and damaging said structures.

Furthermore, the infantry killing property of the Chronosphere can be used to take out enemy commandos.


RA3 Chronoshift Icons
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