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The Chronosphere (original device) was part of Einstein's test before the Philadelphia Experiment to roughly erase German dictator, Adolf Hitler from using Germany as a dictatorship to defeat both the Soviet Union and Allied Forces in World War II. The 1924 experiment was very successful where the Soviets, under Josef Stalin had grown powerful due to a stock market crash in 1929 and waited for a much grown invasion on Earth. An invasion of Asia by Gradenko had successfully brought him to help Stalin's domination plans roar to life. Europe was totally smashed by Soviet forces using their good cost of finances while Ukraine joined in to speed things up through Poland and Greece to Great Britain.

Great World War II

Albert Einstein contacted a famed Allied Commander (Red Alert 1) that he has access to a stronger and new Chronosphere that later was used in the Second World War against Stalin in the 1950s. The original device was transformed into a Chronosphere (Red Alert 1) to later be used under the orders of both Einstein and Gunther Von Esling.

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