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Soviet Union

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Citizens Shipyard is a Soviet company whose products appear in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.


The Dreadnought took its place at Brighton Beach in Great Britain (Red Alert) under General Krukov. Giles and the newly recruited Allied Commander (Red Alert 3) attacked their rockets with Multigunner IFVs and for the invasion, Multigunner Turrets. Warren Fuller used Tanya (Red Alert 3) to attack the Dreadnoughts with Akulas in luring Moskvin and his troops stationed in Cannes. Zhana Agonskaya and Oleg Vodnik used them to destroy the Imperials or dock them in Cuba. The last Soviet force of Dreadnoughts can be seen in Leningrad.

Zhana battled Crown Prince Tatsu with Dreadnoughts at Vladivostok to his retreat back into the Empire of the Rising Sun. Four of these were seen at New York where the Soviet Commander (Red Alert 3) attacked the Statue of Liberty, but went down to Tanya who's previous sister attacked the same number of Dreadnoughts in Great World War III. At Yokohama in Japan, Krukov sent in some Dreadnoughts as the battle isn't working and the General left for Lissette Hanley to fight against the Imperial Commander.


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