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Yuri has established cloning facilities in Sydney, Australia. It is believed he plans to clone the world leaders. We must put an end to this operation at any cost.
- Mission Briefing
Clones Down Under
YR Allied M05 Clone Base
Yuri's cloning facilities in Sydney

Tomb Raided


Trick or Treaty

Part of

Psychic Dominator Disaster




Sydney, Australia


Allied victory

  • Allies destroyed Yuri's cloning ring
  • Yuri's forces are on the run around Earth


Yuri's Army


Destroy Yuri's cloning factory

Clone world leaders
Destroy all Allied forces in the area


Allied Commander
Eva Lee
Ben Carville



Almost full Allied arsenal
Black Eagles

Yuri's Boomers
Land forces from Barracks and War Factory
Cloning Vats
Cloned world leaders like Dugan and Romanov
Submarine pen



Very Heavy
Cloning facility and base destroyed

Clones Down Under is the fifth mission of the Allied campaign in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge.


Einstein has thanked the Allied Commander for his daring rescue in Egypt from Yuri's Psychic Dominator blunder. The German Chancellor was happy to see his scientist, who helped the Allied forces against Yuri's Army, returned home.

Meanwhile, General Carville and his intelligence officer, Eva has told the Allied Commander that Yuri is secretly making clones of Allied leaders at a cloning laboratory located in Sydney, one of Australia's most important cities. The Allied Commander is then sent to the city, tasked with destroying the cloning facility.

Yuri deployed Boomer submarines in the area to defend his cloning lab, Eva warns the Commander that they are armed with both torpedoes and missiles.

Key Units/Buildings



  • There is a small glitch in this mission: three convoy trucks are placed in the southeast corner of the map. Despite they are labeled as "Truck (loaded)," destroying the trucks do not yield bonus crates.
  • Civilian traffic moves on set paths along the roads of the city in this mission. If the player captures the means to mind control technology, (Psychic Towers or Yuri Clones), and use them to mind control a civilian vehicle moving on a path, one will find that any vehicle mind controlled from their set path will be replaced by another that drives into the map from the outside.
  • Using Rules.ini editing, the editor can give civilian vehicles weapons, and then use this method to assault the enemy base with 50 Jeeps sporting tank cannons, and 50 sports cars with machine guns, if he truly wishes.
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