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Cloning vat
  • Soviet Cloning Vat
  • Yuri Cloning Vat



Infantry duplicator

Tech level


Hit points


Armour type




Build time


Produced by

Soviet Construction Yard (RA2 only)
Yuri Construction Yard


Soviet Battle Lab (RA2 only)
Yuri Battle Lab

Sight range





All infantry

  • One per player
  • May not be captured
RA2 Cloning Vats Icons
YR Cloning Vats Icons

Cloning vats were a Soviet infantry production structure of the Third World War. The technology was however used more often by Yuri, who took it with him after the war.


The cloning vat was designed to create a clone of any unit trained. From Initiates to Viruses, the cloning vat could create a duplicate of any unit, allowing Yuri to procure two infantry for the price of one. The cloning vats could even clone Yuri Prime.

Deployment History

Originally, cloning vats were utilized by the Soviet Union during the Third World War in order to bolster their already impressive manpower. However, after the end of the war, Yuri left the Soviets to start his own world domination schemes, taking the technology with him.

Most of Yuri's cloning vats were located in his base in Australia. However, these were destroyed by Allied forces during the Psychic Dominator Disaster. This marked a significant setback for Yuri, although he did have additional vats at other key locations, such as his main base in Antarctica.

With the major alterations to the timeline caused by Anatoly Cherdenko, cloning technology was no longer deployed at field bases during the third iteration of the Third World War. However, the Empire of the Rising Sun reportedly did experiment with cloning technology.


Only one vat may be built by a player at a time. When any infantry unit finishes training at a conventional barracks a duplicate emerges from the vats for no additional cost.

Infantry units could be sent into the Soviet cloning vats to be "recycled", giving credits to the owner, except Engineers and teleporting units (such as Chrono Legionnaires). This function was not present in Yuri's vats, since he has his own dedicated facility for this role. Also, a Cloning Vat cannot be captured.

There was a game bug in the early versions of the game, which provided Soviets with free infantry: if the Barracks is completely surrounded by walls, and infantry could not emerge, the cash was returned to the player, whilst a soldier arrived from the Cloning Vat. This bug was eliminated from the later versions of the game.


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