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This is an archive of official screenshots, photos, cover art ideas, promo images and other images that were made during the development stages of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Community-made edits of these images are not allowed, unless otherwise stated.

The bulk of the images is sourced from tomsons26's Red Alert 2 beta archive.

Alpha stages

Fansite kit screenshots

These images were found on the official Red Alert 2 fansite kit that is available on Westwood Studios' FTP server (a mirror is available at

Beta stages


While this was a public beta test session, taking screenshots was not allowed.

Prima Strategy Guide, mid-2000 stage

The official Prima Strategy Guide used screenshots from several late beta stages. This is seen especially in the clashing cameo styles, a different Soviet HUD, and elements of the techtree that are not available in the released missions, such as the service depot and Allied battle lab (dubbed "tech center") in Hail to the Chief.

GameStar, late beta stage

By this point, most of the gameplay, missions and unit/building art was final, and only cameos and the HUD were different from the released version. The NightHawk Transport was referred to as "Nighthawk Gunship", and the "Soviet" Engineer cameo remains.

Late beta stages, assorted

Screenshots with textless cameos and tracked IFVs are earlier.

September 2000 beta test

The string font and art are finalized, with only the Allied HUD showing remains of earlier beta versions. The cameos show that the ones in the released version were made right before the ship date.

Cover art concepts


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