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Construction yard
  • Allied Construction yard
  • Soviet Construction yard
  • Yuri Construction yard

Base construction

Hit points


Armour type




Produced by

Mobile construction vehicle

Sight range

8 (10 yuri)




All Structures

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Third World War (First and Second Iterations)

Opposed to the Second World War, there was a proliferation of construction yard designs leading up to the Third World War although all continued to provide the same function for the Allies and Soviets. As in the previous war, the construction yard generally completed all components before structure assembly began at the desired site. The only major advancement was that it now possessed two separate construction lines, or queues. The main queue constructed most production buildings, refineries, and support structures, while the armory queue handled base defenses and super-weapons.

Yuri's force also developed a construction yard. Their existence remained a secret until Allied forces traveled back in time to the beginning of the war to pre-empt the "Psychic Dominator Disaster". It's claw floated in the air when it was in use suggesting it was operated by telekinesis, but beyond this it functioned identically to other construction yards.

In Game

In Multiplayer and Skirmish games, an option could be selected to allow Construction Yards to repack into MCVs.

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