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Core of the Problem

Harvester Hunting


Second Nod Reunification War

Part of

Firestorm Crisis






Decisive Nod victory. CABAL Core destroyed.


Brotherhood of Nod



Capture the three arrays to bring down the Firestorm defenses. Destroy the CABAL Core.

Exterminate all enemy forces


Nod Commander (Firestorm)
Anton Slavik



Full Nod arsenal

Full CABAL arsenal incorporating Nod weaponry and GDI technology



Very heavy
Core Defender
CABAL Core destroyed

Core of the Problem (Nod) is the final mission in the Nod campaign of Tiberian Sun: Firestorm.

EVA Briefing

This is it Commander! Take out CABAL fast and hard: No mercy and no surrender. Find a way to get inside his defenses and take out the core. GDI forces are distracting CABAL and now is the perfect time to crush CABAL once and for all.


  • First Objective: Build your base and survive the initial onslaught from CABAL.
  • Second Objective: Capture the 3 control stations to shut down the laser fences and firestorm defense system protecting CABAL.
  • Third Objective: Destroy CABAL’s core.


Both of CABAL's auxiliary bases were destroyed by Nod and GDI. The time had come to end the rise of the machines once and for all. However CABAL still had heavy defenses to protect its core, and would not go down without a heavy fight.

The battle

GDI has tried to destroy CABAL, and the weak minded force was failing to the expectancy, anexed into CABAL force for their deeds. Nod then was the only force stands between CABAL and humanity. Mobilizing his hidden card, the Elite cadre, Slavik storms CABAL outpost and Radar station despite strong oposition from CABAL. Clearing the path, a MCV then deployed in to the area and quickly deploy Nod's base in a hurry.

CABAL roll the red carpet, now with combined strengh of GDI and Nod units (as always not include non cyborg infantry as It cannot earn loyality and respect from humanity wihout cybertetically upgrade them). Being unfamiliar with the new acquisition, CABAL attack with less determination, but with the same amount of death. Nod quickly capitulate nearby tiberium pit to their economy, but must do it with carefull as CABAL base with mixed unit and technologies are in the other side of the pit. Nod Recon mapped the entire area while dodging Artilery shot. Spotting weakness inside their base, a group of engineers were inserted, taking over as many valuable structure as they can. Quickly erected afterward, Nod's Obelisk send enlightements to CABAL force with passion. However, Nod must evacuate whatever they can salvage as CABAL send in eviction notice to the newly acquired position.

Further recon reveal captured GDI Mobile war factory as with another base completed with GDI technology. Taking over this base was easier and the base soon was camouflaged. Further recon party at last reveal the core of the problem, CABAL's core with supporting base. Doing land reclamation to the base was easy, it is CABAL core that present a problem. CABAL do have lots of contraption toy to use and one of them was just being reactivated. The Core Defender easily lay waste to anything it touch. Already stealthed, Slavik then command his Banshee bomber to oust the menacing toy.

Once its toy are down, CABAL receive its reward of betrayal. Nod's force attack the core with everything they had and stops only after CABAL is no longer exist. Slavik quickly capitalized the victory into a rallying point for Nod and the rest of the world by claiming that Nod is humanity answer to the oppression. This battle also become Elite cadre's baptism of fire, cementing their place among Nod's dignities and paving their way into Nod's elite, incluiding Confessor Cabal.


GDI managed to reclaim the Tacitus from the CABAL Core first while Nod pulled out of the area quietly, not wanting to strike GDI during both factions' moments of triumph. Slavik addressed the remainder of the Brotherhood that Nod had beaten the single greatest threat to the organisation and mankind. Meanwhile, CABAL had somehow managed to escape and located itself to an isolated stasis chamber where clones of Kane (including the real one) were kept in store. CABAL attempted to infiltrate the real Kane's mind with some resistance but eventually CABAL/Kane had merged, stating:

Our directives must be reassessed...

Alternate Method (Shortcut)

There is an alternate (and 'illegitimate') way to complete this mission within a few minutes, using only a group of about 8 Devil's Tongues.

Capture the Radar and Hand of Nod near the starting position as soon as possible, and then start building up the base in the area. Construct some Refineries, then a War Factory, and immediately followed by the Nod Tech Center. Once the Devil's Tongues are available for construction, build a group of about 8 of Devil's Tongues.

After the location of the CABAL Core is revealed, send the group of Devil's Tongues to the back of the Advanced Power Plants and start burning them. CABAL's Firestorm Defense will go offline after the last Advanced Power Plant is heavily damaged, and the Core Defender will be activated. Send the group of Devil's Tongue to somewhere safe and wait for the Core Defender to go away.

As soon as the Core Defender is away, send the group of Devil's Tongues back to the CABAL Core and begin toasting his Core. The Core will probably be destroyed before even the Core Defender reaches the Nod base, completing the mission within a few minutes.

Miscalculation in enemy inability, compensation initiated.
- - CABAL, if the Commander manages to disable the Firestorm Defense without capturing the stations


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