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RA2 Gameicon
RA2 Gameicon
Corkscrew Transport
RA2 Corkscrew Transport

Allies (concept art)
Soviets (intro cutscene)


Amphibious transport



RA2-cover The following is based on content cut from Red Alert 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
RA2 Beta Corkscrew Transport Icons

The Corkscrew Transport is a vehicle cut from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. This infantry transport uses unique corkscrews to traverse the offroad and safely transport soldiers.


The Corkscrew Transport can be seen in the Red Alert 2 intro and beta footage as a Soviet unit, while it has Allied insignia in the concept art. However, it was scrapped ingame in favour of the hovercraft-like Amphibious Transport.

Behind the Scenes

The Soviet Union did experiment with screw-propelled vehicles which did possess absurd off-road capability and were amphibious, but could not traverse hard surfaces without heavy damage and were smaller than the transport depicted in-game.


RA2Sovietlogo Soviet Third World War Arsenal RA2Sovietlogo

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