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Crate (TS)

Grants a bonus

In Tiberian Sun and Firestorm, crates look like grey polyhedrons consisted by pentagons and feature a diversity of contents;they also sometimes serve as mission objectives (e.g. Retrieve Disruptor Crystals). In skirmish and multiplayer mode, a crate's content is always random, and can both benefit or hinder the player's units/gameplay.

Sometimes when picked up, a symbol will appear for a few seconds to indicate what bonus/punishment is contained inside the crate.

Known crate contents

  • Credits (a dollar symbol, these credits don't occupy any refineries and silos)
  • Veterancy (a star symbol)
  • Unit Armor Upgrade (a metal sphere symbol)
  • Unit Firepower Upgrade (a gun & rocket symbol)
  • Unit Speed Upgrade (identical symbol to armor)
  • Restore Full Health (a redcross symbol)
  • Reveal Entire Map (a completely visible Globe and GDI Radar Dish symbol)
  • Cover Entire Map (an earth-in-dark symbol, entire battle field is covered by shroud except the areas in direct sight of the commander's units and structures)
  • A Round of Superweapon (usually a Nod's missile, a missile symbol appears in this case)
  • Unit (any type of unit, even an enemy's MCV)
  • Light Bomb (kills the unit who picked it up + nearby surrounding units in a blast)
  • Explosive (instantly kills the unit who picks up crate and surrounding units with a huge blast, and a depression in the ground may form)
  • Chemical Explosive (instantly kills the unit and release several highly toxic tiberium gas clouds appearing in a 9x9 area, like a Chemical Missile)
  • Tiberium (release a small portion of green or blue tiberium on the surrounding area)
  • Cloak. (cloaks all nearby units permanently.)

Units which can be received in crates





  • Recreational vehicle


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