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Crate Tower
A Crate Tower



produces/contains Crates

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The Crate Tower (known as Refuelling Station in-game) either produces or contains crates.[1]


An examination of the picture shows that the tower is actually an elevator to the surface from an underground structure. A piston can be seen pushing a newly arrived crate off the elevator, onto a ramp and out of the tower. The tower appears to be able to rotate 360° allowing it to deposit crates all around the tower.

They are related to the Tiberium Control Network, perhaps Tiberium ore that is less concentrated than the pure crystals.

Each Crate Tower maintains a maximum amount of crates, with green crates outnumbering the blue crates significantly. Once the tower unloads to its maximum amount of crates, then it will stop depositing them until units claim the crates.


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