Crate and Red Barrel
Unit Unlocked

Multigunner IFV


1 vs 1

Starting Funds

$10 000


Two Sides To Everything


Are You Experienced

Side Unlocked

Are You Experienced

Side Unlocked

Two Sides To Everything

Crate and Red Barrel is a Commander's Challenge mission where the Futuretech Commander must battle Allied officer from the Dead Meat challenge, Douglas Hill who says that the barrels are full of delicious candy for the Commander in front of him.


The Futuretech Commander is sent by Kelly Weaver to Sweden, in order to gain access to Commander Hill's Multigunner IFV. The Commander is also warned by Kelly Weaver during the mission briefing that there is so much TNT and explosive barrels held in this area, so he has to watch his step. Hill says that the barrels are filled with delicious candy that the Commander would like to get or stay away from them and detect the barrels on his route to destroying Hill's base. When Hill is defeated by FutureTech, the Multigunner IFV is taken for testing and Douglas Hill admits that he lied about the barrels as they actually contain high explosive TNTs rather than the delicious candy that the Commander was hoping for instead.

Briefing Information

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