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Dead 6
CNCR Dead6 Emblem

Global Defense Initiative


First Tiberium War

The Dead Six is a group of six commandos that GDI frequently deploys for special operations and other sensitive missions. It features prominently in Renegade.


The name Dead-6 refers to the legal status of the team’s members: each person in the group has been officially "killed", and hence no longer exist. This makes it easier for the team to remain covert and helps GDI by giving them a greater degree of plausible deniability when discussing the team's operations. The official stories are that one died in a raid on a terrorist bomb-making lab in southern Chile. Another fell during a bloody conflict while gathering intel on rival Nigerian warlords. Another was assassinated by thugs in the Balkans. Another died in Turkey; another in Australia; another in Jordan.


Two members left the team after its formation —Captain Parker and Sakura Obata— yet despite this it retained the name "Dead-6".


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