Dead Meat (Challenge)
Dead Meat Briefing
Par Time


Unit Unlocked

Attack Dog


1 vs 1

Map Used

Soundless Hill

Starting Funds


Fog of War



Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising


Blood Feud (Challenge)

Dead Meat is the first mission in the Commander's Challenge. FutureTech CPO, Kelly Weaver briefs and introduces him as the player. The Futuretech Commander was promptly delighted to be there after two defeats against a Soviet Commander in Transylvania and Yuriko Omega in Guam by using a prison riot. Douglas Hill is his first enemy as he decides to use Attack Dogs on the Commander. The player is sent to destroy his enemy for the very first time.


In the mission, the Futuretech Commander holds off some Attack Dogs by Commander Hill who are trying to repel them from winning the battle. FutureTech is disguised as the Soviet Union and Allied forces are attempting to push them away. The battle takes place in Germany where the first challenge actually starts off the whole Commander's Challenge war.

Challenge Information

Map Used: Soundless Hill

Enemy: Commander Hill

Teams: 1v1

Enemy Strategy: Spamming dogs

Par Time: 4.30

Unit Unlock: Attack Dog

Unlocked from: Start

Main Challenges unlocked by Completion: Blood Feud

Side Challenges unlocked by completion: None

Map Settings

Starting Cash: 10,000

Fog of War: Active

Other Notes: After 4:30 two Century Bombers will para-drop 10 heroic dogs into your base.


Try attacking Hill with Sickles/Tengus and finish his buildings off with Hammer Tanks/Tsunami Tanks. You need to be very quick but this way the mission can be done under 4:30.

Empire of the Rising Sun

The Empire is the best faction to complete this challenge, just build in order:1x Instant generator, 2x Instant Dojo, 1x Ore refinery (if you want), that should cost you 800+750x2+2000=4300 credit. Now, unpack the refinery in the gold mine, the other building just rush to enemy base, as long as they are in core form, that can crush the attack dog and thepeacekeeprs can't kill them that quickly.un pack the dojo at the direction of enemy barrack, build the engineer, capture it and the follow with 5x Imperial warriors to protect the engineer with the dog drop, when, finish of the base with engineer rush. best time: 3:43

Soviet and Allied

you can use the MCV to rush through the enemy base, quickly build a barrack and train an engineer to capture enemy barracks, then finish it with engineer rush, note that you should build at least 5 basic infrantry to protect the engineer,or just use the MCV to crush the dog. best time: 4:25 for allied 4:15 for soviet.


  • In the Xbox 360/PS3 versions the player is given a built base  to start with(3 Power Structures, 2 Ore Refineries, 1 Vehicle Production structure and 1 Infantry Production structure.) unlike the PC version.

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