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Decoy army
CNCKW Decoy Army
A stealthed Scorpion tank battalion and its '"duplicates"

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Operations Center

CNCTW Decoy Army Cameo

Decoy Army is a Nod support power deployed from an Operations Center, in which harmless but realistic images of a military force would be created.

The technology was an application of their stealth research, in which light amplification techniques could produce these illusions. This power is good evidence of Nod's ability with stealth technology.


  • A decoy army can be deployed on any revealed and available terrain on the map
  • It can be used as a front armor or shield for other units in the rear
  • It can be used to divert enemy attention from the "real" units
  • It can be used to scout an area or the enemy's base
  • Its destruction does not count on the loss of units in the Stats and gives no veterancy to enemy units.
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