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RA2Sovietlogo The following is based on the Soviet campaign for Yuri's Revenge and contradicts canon sources.
We lost the battle in the Black Forest for the first time around and were eventually defeated by the Allies with the help of Einstein's Chronosphere. This time, we must not fail. Destroy Einstein's laboratory and Chronosphere to ensure Soviet victory in our war against the Allies.
- Mission Briefing
Operation: Deja Vu
YR Soviet M02 Einsteins Base
Einstein's laboratory

Time Shift


Mirage (RA2 Allied Campaign)


Brain Wash

Part of

Psychic Dominator Disaster




Black Forest, Germany


Soviet victory

  • Einstein's laboratory destroyed
  • hronosphere destroyed


Soviet Union


Defend Chronosphere and Einstein's HQ
Destroy the Soviets

Destroy the two buildings
Win the battle from the Allies


Mirage Tank (Red Alert 2)
Battle Fortress
Guardian GI
Chrono Miner
Prism Tower
Patriot Missile
Prism Tank
Ore Refinery (Red Alert)
Tank Destroyer
Construction Yard


Einstein's Lab and Chronosphere
Allied forces retreat on all fronts, but immediately surrendered to Soviet forces


Deja Vu is the second mission that the Soviet Commander notices the whole mission was previously, an Allied victory. He must return to Germany at the Black Forest to destroy Einstein's laboratory. If the target is destroyed, all of the Allies will retreat on all fronts across Earth to immediately surrender in front of the glorious Soviet revolution.


After the Psychic Superweapon of the Soviet traitor had been destroyed, the Soviet Commander was briefed by Alexander Romanov for the next mission. He said that the veteran's forces lost to the Allies and wanted revenge for the victorious mission, a year back. So, the Soviet Commander decided to go back to the Black Forest to destroy the headquarters of Albert Einstein.

  • The Soviet mission, Deja Vu is the second mission of the Soviet campaign after Soviet forces travelled back in time, previously.
  • The mission itself has the exact map in the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Allied mission called Mirage where an Allied Commander has to protect Dr. Einstein's laboratory and Chronosphere from being destroyed by Soviet invasion forces.
  • When Mirage starts, three German outposts are destroyed by the Soviets. In Deja Vu, the player will be destroying the outposts.
  • Carville of the Allies had returned to Berlin in the Soviet campaign, which in the Allies' tenth mission, a year back, he was killed by a Crazy Ivan at his office in the Pentagon.
  • After destroying the German outposts and establishing your base, Lt. Zofia will brief you the Allies' new toy: the Battle Fortress, which can be garrisoned by Allied soldiers and capable of crushing tanks; and Allied Mirage tanks which take the form of innocuous objects, such as an unsuspecting tree.

The Mission Objective

The player's ultimate objective is to destroy Einstein's laboratory and the Chronosphere. A famed Allied Commander would be protecting the laboratory and the Chronosphere, but either ignore or destroy him. Destroying the three German outposts with your forces, movein to the opening ground and your MCV will arrive. Lt. Zofia will introduce you to the Allied Battle Fortress and the sneaky Mirage Tanks.

Set up your base in a regular manner, there are four money crates located in front of your base, be sure to train a lot of dogs as the Allied Commander would sent G.I. and Guardian G.I soldiers, frequently. This mission is also the first Soviet encounter with the Battle Fortress. Expect daily airstrikes to the list. That Chronosphere may be used, albeit with experimental related defects.

Be sure to build anti-air defenses, Einstein would use Harriers to bombard your Rhino Tanks. When the player had finished constructing the Soviet Battle Lab, Lt. Zofia will brief to the player on the Industrial Plant, which reduce the costs of all vehicles by 25%.

Be sure to build a Nuclear Reactor to maintain your power. The Allies will also sent spies, so beware of them. At the lower corner of the map, there is a functional Allied Ore Refinery, use some Rhino Tanks to destroy the enemy Chrono Miner and capture the building with one of your Engineers.

A crate will appear and gives you a Chrono Miner. Just above Einstein's laboratory, there's a Tech Outpost. Capture it with your Engineer and set up a Barracks and War Factory. Fortify the position by garrisoning civilian buildings and set up the new Battle Bunker with some Sentry Guns and Tesla Coils. Be sure to build some tanks, Rhino is fine, but Apocalypse Tanks are more better. In a few minutes, the German forces would sent Prism Tanks to attack your outpost. If the player builds enough defenses, there will be no problems.

There is two ways to destroy Einstein's laboratory, one easy way and one brutal way. If you really want a serious tank battle, start pumping out Apocalypse Tanks and order them to destroy all enemies you encounter on the way. The easy way is to build at least five Kirov Airships, order the Kirovs to destroy the lab, even though you might lost one or two airships due to Patriot Missiles, but you'll be finishing the mission in about 30 minutes.

There also a very brutal way, which is to regroup all available forces to the lowest post site (where the Tank Destroyer is parked) after all outposts are destroyed and do the rush to Einstein's base, completely bypassing the skirmish from the opposing Allied General. Focus all forced to bypass Einstein's base defenses (hopefully before Prism Tower is deployed) and blast the lab from behind. It is possible to capture several buildings, but do not mind about snatching the Construction Yard. You may blast a few barrels to bring in the bigger bang. In these tactics, the Soviet MCV is considered weighting that may be used to lure Allied attentions away.


  • You can save the German Barracks near the middle portion.You can train Allied infantry.
  • Capture the Repair Depot north of Einstein's Lab to get a good spot to attack him.


Have you seen the State News Magazine? The war is over Comrade General. The Allies have surrendered. Now they fight for us against the traitor Yuri. All of Soviet people are full of greatfulness to you. Nazadarovina!
- Premier Romanov in the next mission briefing.
With Einstein's laboratory destroyed, the Allied armed forces were called by General Carville and President Dugan to retreat on all fronts around the world. But with remaining forces on Earth about to die for a glorious Soviet revolution, the Allied Nations surrendered. This made Romanov happy with the brillance of a Soviet veteran, who was his successor at the ending of a Soviet campaign in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. With the Allies bringing Hollywood to their control, Yuri struck an Allied city and planned to take over Great Britain in Europe for world domination as he was the permanent target of the Soviet Commander after Dugan's sacrifice to surrender in front of Soviet forces.



  • If you remember the layout of the map from the first game, when you were playing as the Allies, it is possible to win this level in a matter of minutes and without even bothering to construct a base. Einstein's lab is located in the southwest of the map, defended by the main Allied base in the center of the map, and your Soviet forces start out in the northeast.

    If you send all of your initial units snaking west along the extreme north of the map, then hug the extreme west of the map as they advance south, you will run into essentially no Allied opposition at all. Doing so will allow you to make a quick sneak-attack on Einstein's laboratory, before the Allies have more time to prepare. Remember that in the original version, you had to defeat every Soviet unit on the map. This time around, your only goal is to destroy Einstein's laboratory to cripple the overall Allied war effort and you don't need to destroy any other Allied structures on the map to win.

    Also if you have explored the whole map, there is a Polar Bear in the North-western portion, when you use someone to shoot it like a conscript, he will follow and eat the opposing unit.

  • You can save the last German Barracks in the middle outpost. Do not shoot the Ammo Dump nearby. Capture it, then use Force Shield on the Barracks and then shoot down the Dump, saving it, but crippling your defenses for a minute.
  • This is the only Yuri's Revenge mission not to feature any Yuri forces.
  • In Mirage, the Chronosphere is not functional at all as it remained under development cycle, but in this mission, it is functional, albeit with 10 minutes countdown, and the Allied will utilize it to shift their vehicles to your base. Zofia will warn you of this incident when it is activated for the first time.
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