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RA2 GameiconYR Gameicon
RA2 GameiconYR Gameicon
Demolition Truck
RA2 Demolition Truck

Soviets (Libya only)


Suicide attack unit


Nuclear bomb



Tech level


Hit points


Armour type






Build time


Produced by

Soviet War Factory


Radar Tower

Ground attack

400 (RA2)
300 (YR) (DemobombWH)




6 (RA2)
5 (YR)

Attack range


Sight range


Let's make a delivery!
- Demolition truck
RA2 Demolition Truck Icons

The Demolition truck (often shortened to demo truck) is a special suicide unit used by Libya during Third World War and the Psychic Dominator Crisis.


Why don't you drive?!
- Demolition truck

By the closing months of Second World War, both the Allies and the USSR use of remote control nuclear delivery systems called demolition trucks claimed many of their enemies' lives via their use. The end of the war proved to be the end of this destructive weapon for both sides of the conflict, as the Allies wished to minimize the chance of nuclear environmental poisoning as much as possible with their current nuclear options, and much of the Soviets nuclear arsenal, demolition trucks included, had been greatly neutered on the terms of their defeat.

While the existence of demolition trucks inside the USSR had been expunged by Allied treaties, this did not mean that a few trucks didn't survive in some of the Soviet Union's more reclusive allies. It did not take long in the post-war peace years for reports of various nuclear attacks in numerous militant nations to start cropping up, most of them involving vehicles that were almost completely identical to demolition trucks in function and design.

The trucks were generally controlled not by remote, but instead they were steered to their destination by suicidal drivers. Of all the nations to embrace the power of the demolition truck, none did so with more furor and violence then the Republic of Libya.

Due to the damage caused to the timeline by the erasure of Albert Einstein at the hands of Soviet Premier Cherdenko, and the fact that Einstein was responsible for Nuclear technology, the Demolition Truck no longer exists.


One-way trip!
- Demo truck about to detonate

The Demolition truck, albeit not as powerful as a tactical nuclear missile, can be very effective against enemy units, in particular if in large groups. The trucks were very effective against base defenses, even if they were destroyed before they reached their target.

Soviet commanders could also use it in combination with the Iron Curtain to deliver an unstoppable and deadly attack. A group of Demolition Trucks (up to nine) blanketed with the Iron Curtain can spell certain doom for an enemy. On the other hand, if an Allied commander was to obtain demolition trucks, a Chronosphere could be used to transport up to 9 trucks right inside an enemy's base.

Demo trucks cost a fairly high amount to build and due to their low health, spamming Demo Trucks will result in many losses. To combat this, one or more Apocalypse tanks may be sent first to distract the nearby defensive structures. Demo trucks can then be used to target their base without being fired upon.

Apocalypse tanks and Demo trucks make an excellent team: The Apocalypse tanks distract and in return the Demo trucks destroy the base. Then the Apocalypse tanks can move in successfully. All possible with teamwork; although Prism tanks/V3 rocket launchers can be capable of taking out Demo trucks in one shot.


- A demolition truck driver's battlecry

Demo trucks were very dangerous to keep inside bases because of their volatile nature. Allied Harriers can destroy a truck in a single hit, causing substantial damage if the truck is still within its base. Chrono Legionnaires can be used to freeze and erase a demo truck without setting off its payload. Alternatively, a single tank can be used to intercept the truck and destroy it before it reaches the vicinity of other friendly units. Demo trucks are also susceptible to mind control.

Due to Demo truck's low health, they usually die before reaching their target. (splash damage within its explosion can cause friendly fire)


The Libyan Demolition Truck self-destructs on an enemy target, setting off a small nuclear bomb.
- Red Alert 2 Libya multiplayer loading screen


  • Effective against enemy units and buildings.
  • Powerful in numbers.
  • Very dangerous when used with the Iron Curtain and/or Chronosphere.
  • Can even damage air units if they're too close.


  • Expensive ($1500) for a suicide unit.
  • Its creation is announced to all players.
  • Vulnerable to mind control unless affected by Iron Curtain.
  • Cannot target aircraft.
  • A single Harrier or Black Eagle can destroy it.
  • Radiation left disappears pretty quickly compared to Desolator's ability to deploy.
  • Magnetrons can lift it to water, making it sink without any of its explosive effects upon destruction.
  • Chrono Legionnaires can also remove them safely with their chrono weapons, causing no explosion.
  • Only available for Libya.

Selected Quotes

My truck is loaded!
- When ready
Let's make a delivery!
- When selected
I shall avenge us!
- When selected
Why don't you drive?
- When selected
One way trip!
- When moving
As you wish...
- When moving
Watch out for the bumps!
- When moving
For my people!
- When ordered to attack
I am prepared to die!
- When ordered to attack
It will be a smoking crater!
- When ordered to attack
Don't wait up for me!
- When ordered to attack
- When ordered to attack


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