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The Depth Charge Emergency Ejection System is a GDI system developed to deal with a critical weakness in the GDI Mastodon. The Mastodon's main weapon, though deadly, had a rather limited forward firing arc, meaning it is unable to retaliate against swift foes who closed in on its flanks or rear. This was partially offset by deploying Mastodons in groups where they can provide overlaping fire for each other.

As a safeguard, GDI developed the Depth Charge Emergency Ejection System. The system was meant to be utilised in the event that the Mastodon was isolated and surrounded. When activated, it ejected explosive shells from the Mastodon's flanks which dealt massive damage to any nearby enemies but not the Mastodon itself thanks to the heavy armor of the Mastodon's legs. This proved effective at discouraging such tactics and increasing the Mastodon's survivability.[1]


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