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GDI Engineer 2047
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They can't hide from me!
- Troop Crawler, Generals
Detection is a gameplay feature in the Command & Conquer games and is a feature for units and structures to detect Stealth.

Venoms carries detection to flush out stealthy units like GDI sniper teams

Units with detection

Tiberian Dawn

Guard Tower

Red Alert

Attack dog

Any defenses that detect the Phase transport

Red Alert 2

Attack dog

Any units that can mind control in Red Alert 2

Tiberian Sun

Mobile sensor array


Jump jet infantry

Tiberium Wars

Attack Bike


Black Hand Raider Buggy

Orca Gunship


Guardian Turret

AA Battery

Sonic Emitters


Shredder turret

Laser Turret

SAM Turret

Obelisk of Light


Planetary Assault Carrier

Buzzer Hive

Photon Cannons

Plasma disc battery

Storm Column


Zone Trooper

Zone Raider

Sniper team

Battle Base

Radar scan

Red Alert 3

Burst Drone

Attack Dog

War Bear



King Raptor

Spy Satellite

Sentry Drone

Scout Drone

Spy Drone

Radar Van

Listening outpost

Troop crawler

Overlord tank with gattling cannon

Helix with gattling cannon

Gattling Cannon

Toxin Network

Tunnel Network

Stinger sites

Patriot missile system

EMP Patriot system

Laser defense turret

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