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The DevilCoat was a type of technological suit that was used by the Empire of the Rising Sun.

These were large suits of fearsome looking armor where veteran Imperial warriors were encased in as punishment for disobeying orders from their superiors. Inside the suits are an elaborate array of medical systems and biometric regulators which were designed to keep a person in a barely conscious vegetative state for an indefinite period of time. Thus, the accused carried out a life sentence in complete isolation inside the suit where they stood over significant Imperial landmarks whilst acting as a form of half-dead statues.

However, the designers of the DevilCoat, Ten-Shi Zaibatsu, had linked all the suits of armor to a central command network. The leaders of the conglomerate simply needed to flip a switch and each and every one of the DevilCoat suits would be activated with the men inside waking from their slumber. This was because the DevilCoats were not a ceremonial form of punishment but were actually fully functioning assault suits. The same systems that kept the men inside alive in a fugue state also augmented their senses making them more powerful and quicker than they ever were before.

After the death of Emperor Yoshiro, the DevilCoat suits were activated leading some to believe that they were part of a Ten-Shi Zaibatsu plot to usurp the Empire from the Emperor. Regardless of their purpose, the DevilCoats have been activated and have quickly been labelled as Steel Ronin who are defending the Empire from the forces of the Allies and the Soviet Union.

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