- Riflemen squad issuing the dig in command, Tiberium Wars
CNCTW Foxhole Build Cameo

The dig in command is a command issued to rifleman squads in Command and Conquer 3 and Kane's Wrath, it comes at an expense of $100. Due to the lack of manpower or equipment of the other squads, only rifle squads are able to use this ability. When activated, the riflemen keep their weapons and take out shovels to build a foxhole. The foxholes that they dig can be garrisoned by two squads of units, increase survivability against most weapons but are useless against hallucinogenic grenades or anti-garrisoning weapons. They are also large enough to garrison Scrin units, and this ability can be used to enhance defensive units if a Mastermind or Prodigy can mind-control them.

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