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Disruption generator

Brotherhood of Nod


Stealth structure


Stealth generator
Disruption tower


Stealths any Nod base like a Disruption tower from either the Scrin or GDI.

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A Disruption generator is only used in Global Conquest, taken by the Brotherhood of Nod. The structure is designed to cloak any Nod garrisons around Earth from either the Scrin or GDI. The generator clearly resembles the Stealth generator from Nod in the Second Tiberium War as of the description to how it is a look-a-like from the view of that picture.

The cloaking effect has the same moment as the Disruption Tower from the Third Tiberium War and first used in the Amazon Desert against the Global Defense Initiative at their laboratory near two enemy bases, the main base on the other side of the river to begin several assaults in yellow-zoned Brazil. Nod could use this structure only in the "construct strategic structure" tab to allow stealth techniques.

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