Dozer blades
KW Dozer Blades comparison
Top: Reckoner and Scorpion tank without the Dozer Blade upgrade.
Bottom: Reckoner and Scorpion tank with the Dozer Blade upgrade

CNC3 Nod Logo Nod
CNCKW Black Hand Logo Black Hand
CNCKW Marked of Kane logo Marked of Kane

  • $1000 (TW)
  • $2000 (KW)
Build time
  • 0:30 (TW)
  • 1:00 (KW)
Produced by

Tech Lab (TW)
Operations Center (KW)

Hot key



Upgrades all Scorpion tanks and Reckoner with Dozer Blades. Allows Scorpions to clear mines and crush heavy infantry

CNCTW Dozer Blades Cameo

A simple, yet vital upgrade for certain Nod vehicles, Dozer blades can savagely fell heavy infantry, including GDI Zone Troopers. They can also clear minefields and serve as frontal armour. It also provides slightly more armor to the vehicle. Additionally, the upgrade enables them to crush Disintegrators without getting harmed.

CNC3 Nod Logo Brotherhood of Nod Third Tiberium War Arsenal CNC3 Nod Logo

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