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Gen GameiconZH Gameicon
Dragon Tank
Generals Dragon Tank



Anti-structure, anti-infantry tank





Hit points


Armor type

Dragon Tank

  • $800
  • $700 (General Kwai)
Produced by

China War Factory

Hot key


Ground attack

10 (12.5 with Black Napalm) (Flame)




30 (25 when badly damaged)

Attack range
  • 75
  • 25 (Firewall)
Sight range


Gen1 Black Napalm Icons
Black Napalm
Gen1 Fire Wall Icons
Creates a wall of fire
Can clear garrisoned buildings
Gen1 Dragon Tank Icons

The Dragon Tank ia a specialized flamethrower tank that was used by the Chinese during the war against the GLA. The Dragon Tank is most effective against soft targets (i.e. infantry), scorching them instantly, and can also be used to quickly clear garrisoned buildings. In addition, it is also quite effective against light vehicles and buildings. In large numbers, they can burn down buildings with ease.


Gen1 Black Napalm Icons Black napalm Available from the War Factory, black napalm burns hotter than the regular fuel used by the tank, increasing it's effectiveness by 25%. Purchasable at any China War Factory for a cost of $2000


Where should I unleash the dragon?
- Dragon Tank
CNCG Fire Wall Screenshot

A lone Dragon breathing fire.

The Dragon tank's "Fire Wall" ability makes it automatically spray flames back and forth in a 180 degree arc, making a kind of area denial weapon, albeit one of relatively short range. While doing so, it cannot fire normally upon approaching enemies. Nevertheless, the wall, once fully formed, is a daunting and deadly barrier to infantry and light vehicles alike. The wall can also be used to destroy multiple structures at a time.

Gen1 Fire Wall Icons Fire Wall The Dragon Tank will use its weapon to produce a wall of flame across the selected location.

(Note: While the cameo portrays a circle of fire, the ability itself instead produces an arc of flames.)


It is very hot in here!
- Dragon Tank

The Dragon Tank is used mainly to clear buildings garrisoned by the enemy in a quick and efficient manner. It is surprisingly resilient against missiles from infantry-carried launchers, but otherwise was quite thinly armoured, and lacks any anti-air protection. Their short range also makes means that Dragon tanks crews will take significant casualties in any battle. Against regular tanks it is next to useless unless used in large numbers.

The Dragon tank excels at eliminating infantry whether in the open or garrisoned in buildings. The Fire Wall ability can render areas impassable to enemy infantry, and is especially useful for screening a position against Terrorist attacks. Due to fireproof armour, Dragon Tanks are immune to the flames of friendly (and rogue) Dragon Tanks. They are also deadly against buildings, especially when upgraded with Black Napalm.

Used in conjunction with other tanks, such as the Battlemaster or Gattling Tank, it can create an impassible roadblock to enemy tanks and infantry. Several groups can establish a perimeter for other units to move in, sweeping across the map and cornering the enemy in their own base.



  • Probably the best anti-infantry unit in game
  • Somewhat high endurance and attack power
  • Reasonable speed
  • Burns most infantry within seconds
  • Devastates structures with ease
  • Can easily clear garrisoned structures, and burn down most structures.
  • A large group of Dragon Tanks can easily burn down base defenses.
  • Firewall Ability allows Dragon Tank to damage vehicles, especially light ones.
  • Immune to Fire Wall ability and enemy dragon tanks.


  • Weak against tanks unless used in large numbers, and weak to non-dragon-tank-based fire damage like MiGs and Inferno Cannons
  • Vulnerable to missile armed infantry, despite being resistant against missile-infantry rockets.
  • Vulnerable to aircraft
  • Short range attack
  • Spread range causes friendly fire
  • Cannot attack vehicle directly due to low damage against them; forcing to use Firewall Ability that is more powerful but more vulnerable
  • Again, upon using Firewall, very vulnerable to artillery and must be still in order to fire

Selected QuotesEdit

Dragon Tank
- When selected
Storage tanks sealed
- When selected
Pressure levels set
- When selected
Temperatures stable
- When selected
Everything ready here
- When selected
Adjusting gas valves
- When selected
It is very hot in here!
- When selected
Maintain a smooth ride
- When moving
Moving volatiles
- When moving
Right, we are moving
- When moving
Keep it steady
- When moving
Let us get closer
- When moving
Unleash the firestorm
- When ordered to attack
The dragon awakes
- When ordered to attack
I will leave a dark cloud
- When ordered to attack
The earth will burn
- When ordered to attack
Release the flames
- When ordered to attack
Let loose the juice
- When ordered to attack
- When ordered to attack
Drown them in flames
- When ordered to attack
Set them ablazing
- When ordered to attack
Hose them down
- When ordered to to attack
Firestorm ready
- When ordered use Fire Wall
Ready for firestorm attack
- When ordered to use Fire Wall
Where should I unleash the dragon?
- When ordered to use Fire Wall
Black Napalm upgrade is complete
- When the Black Napalm is complete

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Behind the scenesEdit

The Dragon tank is the PLA's equivalent of the Brotherhood of Nod's Flame Tanks, albeit with a single turreted thrower.

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