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EMP Pulse
EMP Pulse Impact (Generals)
Second after an EMP Pulse impact


Build time



China Command Center




Commands a plane to drop an EMP bomb to the selected area.

Gen1 EMP Pulse Icons

An EMP Pulse bomb strike could be periodically ordered by high-ranking Chinese generals who selected it as a promotional option. Delivered by transport aircraft, this large bomb did not do any damage, but rather disabled all electronics (i.e. vehicles and buildings) over a large area for a reasonably long amount of time. Used correctly this could give Chinese generals a huge tactical advantage, allowing them to attack enemy facilities with a reduced chance of a successful enemy defence or counter-attack. Even a less successful EMP strike could cause serious disruption for enemy commanders. Any aircraft caught in the EMP blast would be instantly downed and destroyed, including American supply helicopters. While the bomb-carrying aircraft could be shot down it was able to sustain a great deal of enemy anti-aircraft fire.

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