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Unknown Armoured Car
Gen2 EUarmoredcar
Unknown armoured car seen in the first teaser.

European Union

You make this easy, fleshbag...
EU armoured car (Generals 2) has been nominated for termination for the following reason:
Most likely the Fox LRV
Please refer to the talk page for further discussion.

25px-Disambig For the possible predecessor, see Humvee (Generals).

The unknown armoured car of the European Union is expected to appear in Generals 2. It was seen briefly in the first teaser trailer in a EU base, that was being attacked by GLA forces. It has somewhat a resemblance to the US Humvee from the first Generals and might be based on the real world American Humvee, Swiss MOWAG Eagle or Italian Iveco LMV used by many European forces.

There is no turret on top of the vehicle, unlike its US counterpary Humvee so it can be assumed that the only armament of the vehicle would be the small arms of the troops carried inside.

NOTE: During the Generals Reveal on Facebook, a similar looking vehicle was published under the General Ghost.  The Fox Light Reconnassance Vehicle , which is equiped with a top mounted machine gun and is effective against infantry, it will be stealthy and has limited infantry carrying abilities (probably a balance since general Ghost is the only general so far to receive snipers, which was exploited by USA players in the original generals by spamming snipers in humvees.)


Mobile Support icon
Mobile Support Allows infantry to fire out of the vehicle.
High Explosives icon
High Explosives Increases damage of all vehicles.

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