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In order to properly function, the EVA units have to operate using a set of files. During the First Tiberium War, the necessary files included:

  1. EVA Datalink drivers
  2. Satellite uplink files
  3. Satellite transponding circuits
  4. EVA voice drivers
  5. EVA classified PRJ D1162
  6. EVA classified NTK basis
  7. EVA translation drivers
  8. EVA transmodem drivers
  9. EVA security translator devices
  10. Cerilic estimation concorder
  11. Motivational downlinks
  12. Armament history database
  13. Battle database
  14. Field encoders
  15. Triage translation device
  16. Linguistic interface device
  17. Aramaic translation DOT
  18. Field communication drivers
  19. DOC.00413 science division
  20. Research acquisition forms
  21. Classified - Tiberium files
  22. EVA classified - tank division
  23. Supplies requisition forms
  24. Deforestation laws
  25. POW treaty
  26. Granted artillery access codes
  27. Missile sites (EVA 16031)
  28. Global warfare (strategic files)
  29. Field technical data
  30. Satellite override device
  31. Project Obelisk WDTA2411 5
  32. EVA air support drivers
  33. EVA fallout shelter data
  34. PR 012 classified
  35. ISTL 0178 classifed
  36. Motion detection operating procedure
  37. Laser dismount files 2.0
  38. EVA infantry backup files
  39. Emergency barracks attack procedure
  40. PR 855 classified
  41. Project Obelisk data
  42. EVA Obelisk encoders
  43. POW procedure
  44. FR 349 classified under ordinance EVA
  45. MEdical aid division files
  46. Medical equipment acquisition forms
  47. Hospital supples (requisition forms)
  48. Project Orca AD02/337
  49. Project stealth tank A2411.5
  50. EVA initiative device
  51. EVA datalink interface
  52. Battle 313-600 database
  53. EVA classified prj W125
  54. EVA SAMsite dismount device
  55. EVA motion detection update files
  56. EVA linguistic interface update files
  57. EVA estimation/evemy missile sites
  58. EVA classiied PRJ 7 priority 1


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