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Steppe Eagle, a Europeon species.


Bald Eagle, a North American species.

Eagles are birds of prey found worldwide. Generally, eagles are among the largest raptors in existence, barring certain types of condors. They have been used by many nations and organizations as a symbol of power or independence, including the United States, the Roman Empire, Austrian Empire Coat of Arms, and the coats of arms of multiple European nations.

During the Second World War and the War of the Three Powers, the Allied Forces used a stylized Eagle within a triangle as their symbol. Later, when GDI was forced to go public, they also adopted the Eagle as a symbol; the GDI logo being the silhouette of a diving Eagle inside a circle. This motif was imprinted on most GDI military units, and was also on the GDI Achievement Medal.

Eagle logos also emphasize GDI and Allied Forces have the superiority of air force and astronautics.

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