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During war, one of the most popular tactics has always been to disrupt the enemy's economy, rather than its military. As an army without resources cannot manufacture the weapons it needs to continue the fight, forces often seek ways to attack harvesting operations, as Harvesters are far more vulnerable than tanks or artillery.

Harassing harvesters

With the harvesters being the primary source of income, preventing the enemy from deploying their harvesters effectively is often the key to ruining their economy.


Groups of Nod's stealth tank were known to wait in Tiberium fields for harvesters to approach and then appear to demolish the harvesters. Because of its efficiency, this tactic is also used in the wars that followed.


GDI found an effective use for their air power utilizing Orca aircraft to engage in raids against harvesting outposts, only withdrawing once their ammo was spent or the enemy's response was overwhelming.

The Brotherhood of Nod often used the element of surprise when engaging in economic disruption, using powerful Attack bikes to engage in hit and run warfare to minimize the risk of casualties and stealth tanks are useful in Tiberium fields to harassing unsuspected harvesters. The Brotherhood of Nod has also developed the catalyst missile, which causes an explosive detonation of any harvester or refinery caught in the blast. LEGION also used a new ability that blows up a Tiberium field known as Tiberium vein detonation which will do devastating damage to even MARVs that harvest Tiberium.

The Scrin utilize Tiberium vibration scans, a unique power which will identify any harvesters or refineries in operation; this allows a strike to be coordinated with the Scrin's significant air power. Also, Devourer Tanks and Reaper Tripods can absorb Tiberium and make it effective on guarding Tiberium Fields.

Tiberian Twilight

GDI Engineer 2047
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While Tiberium is no longer collected by the individual factions using Harvesters, instead being collected and processed by the TCN, commanders have been known to prevent enemy commanders from collecting processed Tiberium. This is usually done by stationing a quick unit, like an engineer, close to where the processed Tiberium is deposited. When the Tiberium is dropped, commanders then use the unit to transport the Tiberium to the closest friendly-controlled Deploy Zone. While this doesn't necessarily deprive an opponent of resources, teams of commanders can control all the deposit locations and instead deprive their opponents of better units, while allowing themselves access to a much more powerful arsenal quicker.

Defence against harassers

We got Looters!
- Harvester under heavy fire, CNC3
GDI Harvester TW3

During the Third Tiberium War GDI equipped its harvesters with machine guns, affording them a means of self-defense (albeit quite rudimentary).

During the Great World War II, First Tiberium War, and Second Tiberium War, the only truly effective means of preventing economic disruption was to guard a Tiberium or ore field.

As of the Third Tiberium War, harvesters on all sides possess enough differences that the techniques used against them must be altered.

GDI harvesters utilize a light machine gun; a weapon that even moderately armored vehicles can shrug off, yet forced even infantry that specialized in attacking vehicles to think twice about assaulting. However, certain divisions within GDI have used different, more effective weapons. The Steel Talons armored battalion uses Heavy Harvesters, equipped with the capability to garrison infantry, while Zone Operations Command uses harvesters equipped with rocket launchers.

Nod harvesters have extremely reliable optic camouflage, allowing them to remain stealthed whenever they're in the field. Ideally, units with stealth detection should be used against them. The Black Hand's Harvester lacks the optic camouflage devices, meaning it does not have any form of protection at all by itself.

The harvesters used by the alien Scrin appear to have no unique advantage upon first glance; however, long-term reconnaissance has revealed that, as with Scrin infantry units, they self-repair when close to Tiberium, increasing their overall durability. Reaper-17 is known to possess Harvesters with an innate Force field, giving them better protection, especially against EMP weaponry. It has been rumored that the destruction of Scrin harvesters generate Ion storms.

Other means of economic domination


Marv Hi-Rez

MARVs are half heavy tanks and half harvesters and should be effective when used for harvesting.

All sides participated in capturing Tiberium Spikes to increase one's case flow. Nod can call an Armageddon bomber to drop liquid Tiberium, creating a small field in the target area. GDI could construct their Mammoth Armed Reclamation Vehicle epic unit, which was equipped with a small Tiberium refinery. This way, GDI could gather resources from a heavily armed and armored mobile refinery, which was most effectively used in the opponent's Tiberium field to disrupt their economy. The Scrin have also proved themselves able to construct Tiberium growth accelerators, allowing them to get more Tiberium out of a single Tiberium field. The Scrin could also 'seed' a new 'Ichor' field by using a new support power. Furthermore, while using the support power Overlord's Wrath, a sort of Tiberium meteor storm, patches of the crystal are scattered in the targeted vicinity. They are also known to 'recycle' the remnants of their oppressors, but only through a nearby Eradicator Hexapod's presence.

Tiberian Twilight

GDI Engineer 2047
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