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During war, one of the most popular tactics has always been to disrupt the enemy's economy, rather than its military as a superpower. As an army without resources cannot manufacture the weapons it needs to continue the fight, forces often seek ways to attack harvesting operations such as Workers, Supply Trucks, and normal Chinooks are far more vulnerable than tanks or aircraft.

Harassing harvesters

The GLA had a difficult time protecting their unarmed workers. Any type of weapon fire would quickly slaughter them, however, workers were expendable and easily replaced, making their loss less damaging to a GLA commander than a Chinook's or Supply truck's losses will be to an American or Chinese commander. The Chinese supply truck had some slight armour and was reasonably fast. Although it still had to fear any anti-vehicle weapons and Demo traps. The American Chinook, although garrisonable, was unarmed as well. General Malcolm Granger utilized the Combat Chinook, which had fire ports allowing infantry it was transporting to defend the helicopter, as well as a point defense system, making it hard to hit with missiles. This made disrupting General Malcolm Granger's resource lines a challenge for any opposing commander.

Defense against Harassers

While no GLA general seemed willing to arm their workers many did actually spend money to purchase shoes for their workers at a Black Market, so that could run away faster also a common used tactic is to build a Barracks and Arms Dealer on either GLA side, making a square.

Granger's Chinooks could be made fairly secure, if they carried the right combination of infantry like Missile Defenders and or Rangers.

Failing this, the only other way to defend against economic disruption was to escort Workers, Supply Trucks or Chinooks, in order to deter any attacks on them.

Other means of economic domination

America put into effect a Supply Line strategy that improved the productivity of their Chinooks by 10%. America also distributed supplies to its generals periodically to their Supply drop zones.

China is known to use hackers to break into bank accounts and secure money for their cause. An Internet center could be constructed, allowing hackers to a faster internet connection, and therefore, more resources. But because of the total cost of the Internet Center and the eight Hackers inside, it made itself a big target. General Shin Fai's Super Hackers where invisible, making the Internet Center less useful.

The GLA made pacts with local organized crime through their black markets to gather income. Additionally, GLA commanders could do some options to receive a cash bounty for every American or Chinese soldier killed by them in action, allowing a skilled commander financial security if he could keep up his victories during the war.

Another element was securing civilian oil derricks. Once commandeered, these facilities would provide a constant flow of income from the black gold they brought in making them one of the most sought after tech buildings were captured by any infantry of the USA, China and the GLA (meaning Rangers, Red Guards and Rebels).

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