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Help! Bandits!
- Soviet Ore Collector

During war, one of the most popular tactics has always been to disrupt the enemy's economy, rather than its military. As an army without resources cannot manufacture the weapons it needs to continue the fight, forces often seek ways to attack harvesting operations, as miners are far more vulnerable than tanks or artillery.

Harassing harvesters

With War, Chrono and Slave Miners (and the ore truck before them) being the primary source of income, preventing the enemy from deploying their harvesters is a key to ruining their economy. Infantry can be used to full effect, as ore is not harmful to infantry.


The Allied Forces had a variety of fast units which could strike an enemy ore truck in the field and retreat before aid arrived; such as the medium tank. Apache is a nice alternative with their anti tank missile and air based deployment.

The Soviet Union, while lacking in subtlety, had significantly more powerful units; while Allied harvest attacks relied on surprise and fast strikes, Soviet heavy tanks could often overpower any escort the Allies could send. Also, the MiG-29 fighter was fast and powerful, and could easily destroy enemy harvesters. Landmines can also be used, as it is free of charge. But most Soviet tanks are slow, thus requiring massive units like Mammoth Tank to be onsite to bring full effect.


For the Allies, fast air units like Rocketeers and Harriers (or Black Eagles for Korea) make good harassing units. Chrono Legionnaires are able to erase miners with little effort if they are unguarded. Special Agent Tanya is a good alternative if she gets close enough, as she can bomb the miners with C4s. During the Psychic Dominator Disaster, Robot tanks make good early miner harassers thanks to their speed and cheap cost.

For the Soviets, Rhino Tanks, in numbers and if they are fast enough, can decimate the escorts and the harvester. Also, Terror Drones are another alternative if the Miner does not teleport, and it is wise to place 1 or 2 at most ore places.

Yuri utilizes Floating Discs to drain resources out of the refinery while stationed above one. Against Yuri, on the other hand, blowing up his miners will free slaves.

War of the Three Powers

We've been ambushed!
- Imperial ore collector

Twinblades will attack Ore Collectors with impunity and the Guardian Tank's speed and 90mm cannon makes it very powerful.

Also, Imperial Tankbusters will hide in the ground and when Ore Collectors come by, they jump out of the ground and fire hot sizzling plasma to cut down the Harvester. If the enemy Collector is swimming, the Yari will also have to do.

Terror Drones are once again effective against the Ore Collectors and Prospectors as demonstrated in the USSR Campaign where after destroying the Guardian Tanks, they destroyed the Collectors.

Defense against Harassers


The Soviet war miner was armed with a machine gun to fend off infantry and light vehicles. The Allied Chrono Miner could chronoshift to a friendly refinery if attacked, so heavy fire was required to destroy one in the field before it could escape. The process instantly removed any Terror Drones that infected the miner. Yuri's slave miner was also equipped with a machine gun, and was extremely well armored making it difficult to destroy, though the enslaved, shovel equipped miners themselves were easy prey for almost any armed unit. Fast unit like Terror Drone, IFV, or Gattling Tank can be called in for convenient escort support.


Are they gone yet?
- USSR Ore Collector

The Allied and USSR Ore Collectors will swim across water but the USSR one will boast armor and protect itself from most enemies.

Imperial Ore Collectors have heavy machine guns but, being on a swivel design, cannot harvest while it's guns are in use and if it carries ore, it activates it's machine guns and it looses the ore. The Machine Guns do not work well against tanks, however.

The best use is to build walls to stop enemies from getting to the collector while it gains the ore.

Always place the Refinery up close to the Mine and then the Commanders use only one Collector per mine.

Other means of economic domination


The Allies employed thieves, who were able to steal enemy resources if they found their way into a refinery or silo. This allowed the allies to simultaneously attack the enemies economy and improve their own.


The training of the thieves of the previous war went into the new spies. The resource pools of the GWWIII-era were more interconnected as well, so a spy infiltrating a single refinery would be able to steal most of the enemy's total credits. This proved a useful against Yuri's forces because the resource transfer took places in the slave miners themselves, which were outside the protection of the psychic radars that prevented spies from infiltrating most of Yuri's infrastructure.

The Allies also employed the ore purifier which allowed them to get more usable ore from their work. The Psychic Dominator Disaster also brought about the Soviet Industrial Plant, which allowed Soviet war factories and Naval Shipyard, along with captured enemy vehicle manufacturer to produce vehicles using less resources and in a more timely manner. There were also the cloning vats possessed by the Soviets in the original GWWIII and Yuri during the Psychic Dominator Disaster which would clone one free infantry for every infantry trained. These innovations allowed greater efficiency, boosting the owner's economy. Yuri's physic properties also bring embedded benefit as mind controlled unit can be "recycled" at nearby Grinder. Yuri can also turn his slaves into Brutes using Genetic Mutator for free infantry and recycled cash if required.

Another important aspect of economical domination during this war was the presence of civilian oil derricks that could be commandeered by military forces to secure a steady flow of income, making them one of the most sought after tech buildings. Also, don't blow up Oil Derricks as for something bad happens like a chain reaction will occur. Supply crate and supply truck may appear in some mission for more resource. Notes that crates can also bring in other benefit as well.



Banks helped greatly in economical dominance in certain circumstances.

Allied Spies and their true rivals the Shinobi can infiltrate enemy Refineries to steal mostly 2000 dollars per infiltration.

Also several Powers including Free Trade Upgrade and Mass Production Upgrade are available sometimes.

The USSR, lacking infiltration type units like Spies, had to use Cash bounty ability for certain situations. Also replacing the Industrial Center, they have an upgrade from Emergency Protocol list where it now makes all units and structures cheaper called Mass Production Upgrade. Grinder can also be used to recycle vehicle deemed unnecessary.

Capturing the New York Stock Exchange can grant 1000 and 100 dollars per every time its held in the hands of the commander. Capitulated European Bank can also provide attrition and annualy benefit as well.

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