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The Emperor (天皇 or tennō - literally "heavenly light", formerly often called the Mikado) is the Head of State and supreme leader of the Empire of the Rising Sun, as well as the symbol of the state and of the unity of the Japanese people. He is the head of the Japanese Imperial Family. While a Shogunate oversee administration and general military matters, he has the final say in all major decisions of government.

The Emperor is a descendant of the legendary Emperor Jimmu, and people of the Empire revered him as a living God. Thus he is entrusted with great civic, military and religious responsibilities.

The Emperor is also the Commander-in-chief of the Empire's Military. This grants him the rank of Dai-Gensui (or Grand Marshal (大元帥)). Dai-Gensui is the highest military rank within the Empire of the Rising Sun, surpassing even the rank of Supreme Shogun.

The last known Emperor of the Rising Sun was Emperor Yoshiro. After the Allied commander defeated Takaras forces Tatsu self proclaim himself Emperor Tatsu and attempt to use his army to wipe out the Allied forces out of Japan.

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